All of the plantings in the 2012 Gardens were inspired by natural scenes of wonder that are typically reserved for plant explorers in remote parts of the world, none more so than the southern hemisphere plantings. Many of the plants in this garden hail from the mountain grasslands of the Drakensberg range in South Africa. A base layer of tussock grasses and low ground layer perennials such as Themeda triandra, Berkheya purpurea and Haplocarpha scaposa create repeating arrangements of varied texture and tone. Emerging through this low matrix are summer flowering perennials with upright ‘see-through’ stems, such as Kniphofia triangularis, Gladiolus papilio ‘Ruby’ and Dierama pulcherrimum. Tall structural blocks of grasses and Restios create a backdrop to this intense summer flowering tapestry. I designed the planting of the Southern Hemisphere garden in collaboration with Professor James Hitchmough of Sheffield University.